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God’s Use of Evil in Prophecy

The Book of Revelation and many prophecies of the Old Testament show precise historical occurrences which will happen in the period of seven years just prior to Christ’s Second Coming. Some of those prophecies were made about 3500 years ago, while those in the Book of Revelation about 1900 years ago. No human, no spirit, nor all the Satanic forces in the Universe can ever change one speck of what Almighty God has decreed will happen in the future! When God foresees, prophesies or predicts something, HE the only Person who can change anything about the matter.

It is true that God actually did repent of some of His intended actions in the past (Jer.15:6; 18:8, 10; 26:3, 13, 19; 42:10), but that repentance comes to pass only because God wanted it. So, IF the prophecies of the Book of Revelation (most of which are future to us) are repented of, and God does not allow them to happen, it is because it is God’s will to change His mind . . . but up to now, there is absolutely NO indication that God will repent from the great traumas that God has prophesied in the years ahead of us. Some of those occurrences will involve plagues, curses, earthquakes, disturbing weather conditions, economic chaos and even death. They will happen to the guilty, the adults who know better, and to the innocent, infants who know no better.
WHAT will happen in the Great Tribulation?
WHY will it happen?

Is God responsible? Because God has the power to stop all the bloodshed being done in the world, both in the past, today and in the future, but He has not yet stopped it  . . . nor does He prophesy it to stop it as far as the Book of Revelation is concerned . . . does that mean that God is NOT kind, loving, just and merciful? NO! NO! NO! God is truly and absolutely kind, loving, just and merciful! God warns us over and over and over again in His Holy Word what He expects from us. IF YOU think God is NOT kind, loving, just and merciful, you are making your own rules! You are determined to do things your way . . . and that is NOT going to work. God will come down on you and squash you like a bug. God is in control! You must do things His way or He will punish you. Count on it! Unless YOU repent of your disobedience to our Almighty God, Hell awaits! HELL!!! BEWARE!!! IF you do not believe God and His Holy Word, you shall go there!   https://www.judgmentcoming.org/j_c_hell_is_it_there.htm

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God's Use of Evil in Prophecy

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The BIBLE has the answer