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Cults Doctrines and Rituals Wrong

There are some "RELIGIONS" that are major cults. They are quite different from what the public thinks about them. Anyone who is truly interested in finding out the TRUTH can easily do so with the BIBLE or internet.

#1 A cult is a group of people claiming to be Christians, but embrace a particular doctrinal system taught by an individual or group of leaders, which denies one or more of the essensial doctrines of the Christian faith.
#2 The term 'cult' comes from the latin 'cultus' which literally refers to worship or to give reverence to any god in view. The Vulgate Bible also used the term cultus in reference to worship of the true God or any deity.
#3 A cult is a group breaking off from orthodox Christianity, and strays away from one or more of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith.
#4 A cult professes to be Christian, but denies and rejects the major doctrines of the Bible. The cult members are professing Christians. Islam and Buddhism for example are not cults because they never call themselves Christians.
#5 A "Christian" cult is a group of people, claiming to be a Christian, yet embracing a particular doctrinal system taught by an individual leader, group of leaders, or organization, which denies either explicitly or implicitly one or more of the doctrines of the Christian faith as taught in the Bible.

There are 8 major categories of cults:

The esoteric cult . . . involves occultism and spiritism
The mystical cult . . . involves supernatural and secret things known only to its members
The dangerous cult . . . involves physically harmful rituals
The pseudo-Christian cult . . . false Christianity
The hyper-faith cult . . . spiritualize everything
The Bible-based cult . . . use the Bible but reject it doctrines
The suicidal cult . . . involves violence and mass suicide
The satanic cult . . . involves the worship of Satan and demons

Cults strongly deny some or all of the essensial doctrines of the Christian faith . . . BUT PROFESS to be Christians. The most dangerous among these cult is the Bible-based pseudo-Christianity (BBPC). It can easily deceive, distract and destroy people's souls. They are always begging for many in their name of God, expert of fund raising without shame and blasphemy without fear. (Word-faith bunch!)
Cults normally have a rigid and legalistic leadership structure with a closed religious system.
Cults have some secrecy about their leadership personalities and people behind, organizational system, rigid teachings, and meetings.
Cults openly or secretly deny salvation by grace through faith alone. BEWARE!!! They undermine the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ by requiring additional works or co-operation effort.
Cults reduce the absolute authority and sufficiency of Scripture. They boldly accuse the Bible of errors.
Cults use the Christian vocabulary . . . BUT their meanings are different. Cults redefine Biblical terms with different meaning for their own gains and benefits.
Cults have their own exclusive belief system and practices.
Cults by large, rejects and denies the doctrine of eternal punishment. Some says that Hell and its fire is NOT literal fire or punishment. Some teach "universalism" (that all people will be saved at the end). Some teach "annihilation" ( God will destroy into nothing). They teach that there is NO conscious eternal suffering.
Cults emphasis on direct revelation or vision from God . . . that God spoke to their leaders.
Cults claim signs and wonders in various forms. Some claim that they have raise a large numbers of genuine Christians from the death.
Cults put strong appeal to the false knowledge of the future. Because of widespread ignorance of the Bible, many are attracted to the one who seems to know what is ahead and are able to convincingly promote it. Cults thrive on their inaccurate prophecies of the future events.
According to the record of the major cults groups, the majority of their converts are from mainline denomination churches who are ignorant of the Christian doctrines. BEWARE!!! Study your Bible! Seriously consider and take radical steps to prepare for the spiritual battle ahead of us. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.(KJV)

Cults Reject the Bible and Jesus

  • Rejection of the Godhead (Trinity) and replaced by their invented 'ism'
  • Rejection of the Deity of Christ or Christ as God including His virgin birth
  • Rejection of Christ's true humanity
  • Rejection of Christ and replaced by their leader as the "new christ"
  • Rejection of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone
  • Rejection of God's plan of grace and replaced with their religious legalism.
  • Rejection of Christ as the only Saviour and introduced their co-redeemer.
  • Rejection of the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the Cross for all men
  • Rejection of the spiritual death of Christ on the Cross
  • Rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ's bodily resurrection
  • Rejection of Christ's bodily ascension
  • Rejection of the absolute authority of the Bible, replaced or combined with their source of authority as books, publications, or writing and words of their own leaders
  • Rejection of Bible doctrine, replaced or combined with their religious doctrines.
  • Rejection of the Bible, replaced with extra-biblical revelation.
    Rejection of the Universal Church, claiming they alone are saved or to be saved.
  • Rejection of the doctrine of eternal punishment and the reality of Hell.
  • Rejection of the major biblical doctrines, majoring on minor doctrines.
  • Rejection of Christ, replacing Him with their leader as the messenger of God.
  • Rejection of Bible doctrine, putting emphasis on emotional experiences.
  • Rejection of doctrinal study, emphasis on direct revelation or vision from God.
  • Rejection of Biblical dispensations, insisting on sign gifts.
  • Rejection of Bible doctrine and are antagonistic against those who teach Bible doctrine.
  • Rejection of the fact that no one can determine the Return of Christ until the fulfillment of the Rature, calculating Christ's return and of the end times.
  • Rejection of the doctrines that edify the Church, but invent non-biblical ways to expand the church in number.
  • Rejection of proper Biblical interpretation, depending instead on mystical and supernatural revelation through anointing, prayer and fasting.
  • Rejection of Bible doctrine and accepting spiritism, occultism, extra-biblical beliefs, para-normal and adaptation of paganistic rituals or practices.

Cults do NOT teach the TRUTH of God's Word!

Cults Are Dangerous to Your Soul

Falsehoods Could Put You In Hell!


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