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The BIBLE has the answer


This is our Web Site about God's JUDGMENT on the wicked world


There shall be a JUDGMENT DAY for all people, and all nations

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Is There Really a God?


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Is Jesus REALLY God?'


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Is America in Trouble With God???

The answer to that is a definite YES! She keeps falling farther and farther away from God with each single day. She keeps legalizing horrible sins: abortion, drugs and homosexuality to name a few. Dear one, the One and Only TRUE God of the Universe hates sin, and to legalize these evils brings down His wrath on this once Godly country.

When sin no longer scares you, you have lost all contact with your Creator! Consider the following: when you put a 'd' in front of 'anger', what do you have? DANGER!!! That is what happens when we sin against Almighty God! His anger turns into wrath when we continue to sin, DANGER for us! And that is what has happened to America! She is in great danger of God's Holy and righteous wrath! BEWARE!!!

America's Wickedness

IS America in Trouble With God?

911 Attacks on America

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America's Apostate Churches

America is in Trouble With God!

Is America Really in Triouble with God?

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How Long Did it Take Noah to Build the Ark?

Indifference in America

Is America Really in Triouble with God?

Noah and the Ark, Warning for America

They Knew Not Until the Flood Came

Understanding God's Judgment

We Living in the Last Days

What Will happen in the End Times?

Wickedness of Man

Worldview vs God

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The BIBLE has the answer